Recycle Your Old Glasses | Arthur Blake

Give your old glasses a second home!

We understand that you might be done with your old pair of glasses and rather than throwing them away, we would like you to donate them to us. Allow us to repurpose your old glasses to someone that will benefit from them. 


How it works

We work with partners that allow us to distribute glasses to people in need of eyewear. 

  1. You send us your old pair of glasses.
  2. We receive your old pair of glasses, deep clean them and rejuvenate them.
  3. Once the glasses have been cleaned, we then ship these glasses to Africa where they are re-homed to people in need of them.

We're really excited about this initiative, look forward to the growth of this programme and thank you for your support.

Where to send your old glasses:

Arthur Blake Ltd

155 Cheltenham Road,

Gloucester, Gloucestershire,

GL2 0JH.


Stay up to date with where your glasses go

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