What To Know When Buying Glasses

Buying glasses can be an agonising process. When it comes to your appearance, you want to look like you. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to pick your favourite Arthur Blake frames. So whether you want to make a fashion statement, or you want to upgrade an old prescription, we have some tips for you.

Size Matters

If you have never purchased a pair of specs before, you may not be aware that they come in not just different shapes, but sizes too! It's essential that you know the frame size that fits your face so you don't have glasses that are too wide (or far too small) for your face. 

If you have glasses already, you can find the size of glasses on the inside of the frames with writing that indicates a number fom 40 to 60, followed by several other numbers. For example, our Kyoto glasses show 50-17-140.

In this example, the 50 reflects the Lens Diameter (mm); the 17 is the Bridge Diameter; and the 140 is the Side Length of the glasses (mm).

The Lens Diameter is the width of the glasses.This measurement to your own face allows you to know whether a pair of glasses will be too big for your face, as the lens should not exceed to sides of your face.

The bridge should always be comfortable when wearing the glasses, so giving 2-3mm leeway, you should check that this will not be too tight on your nose.

You won't want to walk around with glasses sticking out at the back of your head, and that's why the Side Length is important to make note of. The side of the glasses should fit comfortably, just around your ears. They shouldn't stick out too far, and they should not pinch the bend of your ear either. 

2. Colour Counts

Believe it or not, although you might love a bright pink glasses frame, it might not suit your complexion. It's worth considering your skin tone when you buy glasses as you don't want to drown your face. It's worth considering a frame colour that will compliment you. For example, a lighter frame for lighter hair tones.

Brown Glasses | Arthur Blake

3. Know Your Face

Either you will find every glasses styles suit you or you will only have one style that flatters you, depending on you face shape. 

Oval face 

If  you have an oval face, we recommend softly round glasses. As oval faces are evenly proportioned, if you have an oval face, you are likely to suit bolder styles and colours.


If you have a heart-shaped head, you will suit glasses like our Johannesburg pair, as your cat-like brow and soft chin will perfectly match the wider frame of this retro pair. 


For someone who has a broad head and strong jaw line, a narrow frame of angled pair of glasses, like the Charleston or New York glasses are perfect in complementing your features.


A face that has rounded cheeks and softer features, you should opt for a rounded pair of glasses. A style that has become incredibly popular in recent years, round frames like our gold Rome pair will suit your style no matter the occasion.

If you still aren't sure which style will suit you, feel free to get in touch and we can recommend the perfect pair for our collection!

4. Usage Requirements 

 Are you looking at our glasses for fashion? Reading? Computers? Or everyday  sight?

Glasses Visual | Arthur Blake

It's important to know exactly what your optician recommends when it comes to use of your glasses. We can provide special glass to suit these needs, like coating to help with eye strain on electronics, to varifocals. 

But if you just love the sass and design of a classy pair of specs, you can select a clear lens on order from us! 

5. Quality Over Quantity

No one wants to pay for glasses that will break within weeks! That's why it's important that you can guarantee the quality when you buy them. At Arthur Blake, we have experts in the UK that fit the lenses for you, ensuring that our quality glasses are looked after with care throughout the process. 

6. Ask A Friend

If you've ever gone shopping alone and end up not being able to decide what top, pair of jeans, or hat suits you best, you'll understand the pain of trying to buy glasses.

When buying a pair of glasses, we believe it's important to 'Phone A Friend' and see what they think, whether it's a selfie on Snapchat or Photoshopping one of our glasses onto your face, we say "do it". After all, we say, those that know you the best are the ones that give you the best advice. For this reason, we recommend you ask a friend before you commit to your next pair of Arthur Blake's!

 See Your Glasses | Arthur Blake

7. Try Before You Buy 

Online shopping can be the worst - we get it! You will probably never meet someone who hasn't ever bought something online that has turned up looking different the photo on the website. So, we get it if you might be sceptical about buying glasses on the web.

To ensure you find your perfect pair, we offer a home trial which gives you the opportunity to make sure your new favourite glasses suit you. 

Find your favourites. Give them a trial. Fall in love!

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